What’s your Decarbonizer?

I read about a new report on “deep decarbonization,” describing top priorities for reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

In some ways it’s a ridiculous title. But Decarbonizer sounds kinda cool, like a secret weapon or some sort of superhero.

I like the fact that we can all have decarbonizers –maybe some secret—in our lives.  Here are few of my personal decarbonizers:

THE SIDEWALK! (or “Pavement” as they say in British English)

Since I do most grocery shopping by foot, this TROLLEY is also one of my key decarbonizers, I don’t care if people think I look like a grandma, although this was one of the most stylish and large-wheeled I could find…



Another big Decarbonizer  in our household is this CHANA DAL and other legumes that we eat instead of meat. Reducing the amount of meat in the global diet could be a significant source of decarbonization, according to the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.


The Deep Decarbonizaton report tells us what we probably already know. Those of us in developed/high consumption/industrialized countries need to get cracking with carbon reduction efforts and especially energy efficiency, renewable energy (to decarbonize electricity!) and replacing carbon-based transport fuels with alternatives.

These decarbonizers are also featured in our book, Bicycle, Airships and Things that Go. It’s a funny story about a family journey that happens to be powered by renewable energy and other decarbonizers. We just hadn’t though about it that way before.

So what is your secret, or not so secret, decarbonizer? What are the best kid decarbonizers?

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