Cycling season, with kids

Hopefully some places are getting a better summer than we have in London at the moment. Wherever you are, this is probably a time of year that bikes are in use, and since the Tour de France passed through London on Monday, I thought I’d offer some links about cycling with children. In an earlier post we looked at how bikes are a good link to sustainability and STEM, so check that out too.

Grist’s article “Babes in bikeland: Advice for cycling with kids” by Anna Fahey, points out that there are many ways to travel and commute with young children on your bike (with some great pictures).

Babes in Bikeland

The European Cyclists Federation offers insights into how they do things for kids in “high bike” countries like the Netherlands.

This article on gives some insights into carrying kids as well as progressing them to their own bikes.

Trailer bike
REI’s Step 4: Trailer bike

Finally, REI (we’re not connected to REI in any way) has a short article about the progression of bike equipment for children, including a handy 5-minute video on an easy and comfortable way to teach kids how to learn to ride a bike.

Happy pedalling!

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