Whirlwind adventure!

Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go! is an exhilarating ride through a charming, buzzing world filled with exciting design and technology.

  • Little ones love the activity pictures! Parents tell us toddlers are captivated by the illustrations, while older kids can follow along with the fun, easy-to-read story about a trip to the science museum.
  • Fuel your child’s curiosity! Look for the labels describing cool vehicles and gadgets.

children's book illustration of an ecodistrict with green roofs and renewable energyInteractive challenge: Find the solar hornet! There’s a tiny solar-powered friend hiding on every page. See if you can spot them all!

Free Downloads!

Coloring Book
Includes 15 sheets to print and color. Two example sheets:

science museum geometry frame


Parent & Teacher Reading Guide

Effective 2-page reading guide with questions (and suggested answers) to help you engage curious minds. Examples:

  • How many different kinds of farms can you find in the story and what are they?
  • What kind of sports can you find in the story? Have you tried these sports?

Take a look

Trailer for Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go! (50 seconds)

What People Are Saying

Press Reviews
– “Think Richard Scarry, but with more bikes, high-speed rail, and wind turbines…the focus of the story is the family’s trip, and having fun, not the technology itself.” -Fast Company’s Co.Exist

– Spins “a new tale for the age of environmentalism and climate change.” -Next City

Parent testimonials

  • “I got this for my son’s fourth birthday and it’s a hit! This is a great starter to sustainability lingo for kids!”
  • “The girls loved the illustrations and the discovery on every page—and our 4-year old learned the term ‘wind turbine’!”
  • “My daughter really liked the book and wanted to read it every night for several nights in a row. It’s been a really fun way to talk to her about what I do in energy and climate.”
  • “On most pages there was a ‘Who-oa! as in ‘How cool!’ and of course they never batted an eye at any of the technologies.”

Professional Testimonials

  • “I absolutely love it!” – E. Cosgrave, co-founder of Sciencegrrls
  • “The book “Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go!’ was great, the year 3 students were very receptive” –Engineering Education & Engagement, University College London
  • The American Planning Association recommends the book in their outreach ‘Ambassador Toolkit’