Summer Kids’ Challenge on Design & Sustainability

What have you got planned for summer? Why not try out our 4-week, 4-project challenge with the kids in your life?

summer challenge
week three’s project covers re-use and closing the loop. Multi-generational, shared dress from Kate Fletcher’s Local Wisdom project

The projects help introduce the design and technology of sustainability (or “resilience,” if you prefer) to kids. We pictured 4 to 12 year olds doing these projects, led by an adult, but the projects could also suit teenagers. Each project challenges you to observe, question, and make design proposals for sustainability. Download it now (about 4MB PDF)

summer challenge
week four’s project looks at cooling the city: Chicago city hall’s green roof and New York’s “nopark”

The projects cover waste and reuse, green spaces (urban cooling), energy use, and nature’s design. There’s an element of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) which can be played up or down depending on your interests, along with the “A” for art and design!

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