Do these images improve energy literacy?

The “Public Energy Art Kit” contains 14 posters that try to raise awareness of climate change, energy inequality and fossil fuel dependency. See all the posters here.

This one’s called “Energy Slaves” by Hugh D’Andrade.

energy slaves by Hugh D'Andrade

The poster examines how much energy we generate with our bodies compared to how much energy we consume daily. A grown man, working continuously, produces about 75 to 100 watts of power. Whereas, “In one day, the average American burns up the energetic equivalent of 100 men working 24/7 to enable the cozy lifestyle offered by our modern civilization.” Our energy-powered “labor saving” devices are the equivalent of  an army of energy slaves.

Another poster, by Jacob Arden McClure, addresses “energy sprawl” and how much physical space our energy system takes up. “When done right, renewable energy can help reduce energy sprawl.”

energy sprawl poster by Jacob Arden McClure

Take a look at all the posters and see if there are a few you can use.

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