connect your kids to sustainability: 10 ideas

There are many ways to connect kids to sustainability, since sustainability has so many dimensions. Here are a few favorites based on our post “what’s important for sustainability“:

  1. Spend time outside and “know your place”: become eco-literate, for example, study for the “Big Here” quiz which tests your knowledge of your local place and its ecology (both human and natural).
  2. Go to museums–science museums, natural history museums, and children’s museums are great, but understanding cultural heritage is important for sustainbility as well.
  3. Visit aquariums and farms.
  4. Set up a weather station and learn about weather and climate.
  5. Make: Play with crafts, electronics (see my post on 8 tech learning games and projects) and simple programming. If you’re wondering how “making” connects to sustainability, you might be interested in this post, which describes how making helps people develop a capacity to solve their own problems.
  6. Reuse and recycle stuff, after you reduce the amount of stuff you use: consider joining the sharing economy as chronicled in the online magazine Shareable.
  7. Point out connections and cycles: where things come from and where they go. Have a look at The Story of Stuff, a movie showing where stuff comes from and where it goes.
  8. Garden and compost
  9. Volunteer: give back to the public realm, maybe through restoring natural habitat (tree planting) or sharing your family’s time with others
  10. Spend time away from the screen: for example, reading books!

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