Tumble, a science podcast for kids

tumble-podcast-logoI learned about Tumble on the news of the podcast earning a place on the list of iTunes best podcasts for 2016. Check out Tumble here: http://www.sciencepodcastforkids.com

The news article, in Broadway World, of all places, gives this description:

Tumble explores the stories behind science discovery, starting with kids’ own questions. Often called “Radiolab for kids” by reviewers and listeners, the podcast inspires children to get curious and instill a love of science through storytelling. The show is hosted by Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla, a married team of a science journalist and a middle school music teacher, and produced with Sara Robberson Lentz, a science writer. Tumble is targeted for ages 6 – 12, but is made for all ages to learn something new in each show.

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