Supporting girls in STEM: 10 organizations that inspire

  1. Black girls code is a San Francisco based group aiming to empower girls of color ages 7 to 17 to innovate in the STEM fields. Their long-term goal is to increase the number of women of color in the digital space
  2. Girl Scouts has an impressive array of programs and research aimed at introducing STEM to girls through “fun with purpose.” Their report, “Generation STEM: What Girls Say about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” includes a tip sheet for parents and girls.
  3. The National Girls Collaborative Project is bringing together organizations throughout the USA that are encouraging girls to head for careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Through collaboration the group hopes to maximize resources, strengthen capacity and build towards a tipping point for gender equity in STEM.
  4. Girlstart works to increas interest and engagement in STEM through innovative learning programs. Girlstart emphasizes curiosity and creativity.
  5. Million Women Mentors is a campaign to increase the number of women mentors from STEM for girls interested in these fields.Research shows that having successful female role models helps break down stereotypes about girls not performing well in STEM subjects.
  6. Anita Borg Institute focuses on supporting women in computing, helping them grow their careers and find their female peers
  7. STEMettes. This UK-based organization, launched in February 2013, is “showing the next generation that girls do Science too.” They host events, such as a girls hack-a-thon, and produce a news blog featuring women in STEM.
  8. WISE (women in science and engineering) promotes female talent in STEM subject from “the classroom to the boardroom.”
  9. Engineer Girl (National Academy of Engineering) is designed to highlight for girls the exciting aspects of engineering as a career. The website provides stories and information about women in engineering.
  10. Rails Girls, taking its name from programming language Ruby and a web application framework known as Ruby on Rails, is a group that provides tools and a community to help women and girls understand technology and build their ideas.

These are few groups that we know about. Do you have any to add? Let us know it the comments.

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