Our first reader reviews!

Recently I posted some of the color illustrations (by John Aardema) for our forthcoming book Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go. Here’s a new one..

over the desert
This week I’m happy to share some great reviews we’ve been getting from test readers. We’ve had four families read the book and here is what we’re hearing back:

“The girls loved the illustrations!  I don’t think they were even listening to the story line half the time b/c they were rapidly scanning the pages looking to find stuff”

“Chloe’s favorite page was the one with all the different types of bicycles; specifically the café bike.”

“There was a question about what the playground equipment was made of and I admit I didn’t know what it was.  Olivia (4 yrs) quickly answered it was made of wind turbines and even cited ‘wind turbines.’  I guaranteed she’s never heard or said those words together so clearly she retained it from earlier in the book, which was impressive.”

“I love the objective of raising awareness and socializing progressive topics around sustainability, and having a message oriented toward kids.”

“I could honestly envision a series of these books.”

“Overall, a fun book that I look forward to seeing in print”

“I read the book to the boys last night and they liked it”

“On most pages there was a ‘Who-oa! as in ‘How cool!’ and of course they never batted an eye at any of the technologies.. I liked the idea that reading this story taught them that such things are normal. Lots of good, cool, simple ideas”

“I would love to see a whole series of these books.”

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