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Renewable energy. Cycles and sandboards. Secret agents.

Partial view of the science center

We’re lifting the curtain, showing you some of John Aardema’s sketches from our first title, Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go. This post includes a partial view of the science center, above, the destination for our main characters.

We want to show you more! Our Sneak Peek packet has 6 pages of scenes from the book, highlighting the main characters and their mission, showing the bikes, boats, electric cars and airships of their trip, and revealing the renewable energy in the landscape of the story. Below you can see a page from the sneak peek packet. Sign up here to download it now; It’s only available through June 30th:

a page from the sneak peek booklet

Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go chronicles a family trip using all kinds of travel, from bikes to boats and everything in between. Our book is inspired by Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go! In our book, updated for the 21st century, the landscape and an new story are powered by renewable energy as bumbling secret agents try to steal a package the family is delivering to the science center in another city. Hold on to your cycle helmets for this exciting family ride!

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