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Funny Robots

I’ve come across a few funny robots lately that I think have the “wow!” factor for kids…

1. The Walkerbot with pencil legs

robot-pencillegsRandy from the Instructables  Design Studio (author of Simple Bots and 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer) designed the walkerbot out of 3D printed parts and stuff he bought at Radio Shack. Read more at 3DPrint

2. The Soft yet Indestructible “worm” Robot

soft robot that's nearly indestructableResearchers at Cornell and Harvard have developed this funny-looking, super tough robot that you can burn, drive over and throw under water. The robot may one day play a role in emergency search and rescue in hazardous conditions such as earthquakes or fires. Learn more in this Recode article

3. Life-like Parrot Robot

life-like 3D-printed parrot Robot

Finally, this man’s created a 3D printed parrot robot with very life-like moves. Read more in this 3DPrint article

If these videos don’t make 3D printing and robotics even a little bit interesting to your kids, then we’re in trouble!