Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go! is a relatable story about a trip to the science museum through a landscape full of sustainable activity and tech. Parents tell us they like how the story works well across ages. With pre-schoolers they mainly talk about the pictures, but with older children they read the text more fullyAll ages love searching for the solar hornet hiding on every page.  Green tech is labeled to help readers discover more. Here’s the ‘flip through’ video:To order from a bookstore, here are the details:
Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go!
by Bernie McAllister, illustrations by John Aardema
ISBN 978-0-9916255-0-5

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Press Reviews
– “Think Richard Scarry, but with more bikes, high-speed rail, and wind turbines…the focus of the story is the family’s trip, and having fun, not the technology itself.” -Fast Company’s Co.Exist
– Spins “a new tale for the age of environmentalism and climate change.” -Next City
– “Adorable” decarbonization – California Magazine

Parent testimonials

  • “I got this for my son’s fourth birthday and it’s a hit! This is a great starter to sustainability lingo for kids!”
  •  “The girls loved the illustrations and the discovery on every page—and our 4-year old learned the term ‘wind turbine’!”
  • “My daughter really liked the book and wanted to read it every night for several nights in a row. It’s been a really fun way to talk to her about what I do in energy and climate.”
  • “On most pages there was a ‘Who-oa! as in ‘How cool!’ and of course they never batted an eye at any of the technologies.”

Professional Testimonials

  • “I absolutely love it!” – E. Cosgrave, co-founder of Sciencegrrls
  • “The book “Bicycles, Airships and Things that Go!’ was great, the year 3 students were very receptive to it” –Engineering Education & Engagement, University College London
  • The American Planning Association recommends the book in their outreach ‘Ambassador Toolkit’


We also have a coloring book made of 15 images from Bicycles, Airships and Things That Go! Click on the example images to go to the download page (no cost).